The deposit is $300 (plus 3% processing fee if you use PayPal or Credit Card) and it is non refundable. Puppies are reserved in the order deposits are received. If you are ready to place a deposit on a puppy, please email me and tell me which puppy you are interested in and a little bit about yourself and the home you would provide for one of our puppies. Once you are approved, you are welcome to place your deposit or pay the full amount (+ 3% if using PayPal or Credit Card). We take PayPal, Credit Card (through PayPal), Check (for the deposit only) or you can schedule to bring your deposit in cash. Please note that if you choose to send your deposit by check, I can not guarantee that the puppy you are wanting will still be available when your check arrives. The remaining balance is due in cash (no checks will be accepted) at time of pickup if you have not already paid for your puppy in full. 🙂

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